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Registering a business can be a quite stressful. Worry not! Get expert assistance on how and which business structure to select and start your entrepreneurial journey with a bang!

  Why Incorporating a Business ?

It is true that operating as a corporation has its share of drawbacks in certain situations. For example, as a business owner, you would be responsible for additional record keeping requirements and administrative details. More important, in some cases, operating as a corporation can create an additional tax burden. This is the last thing a business owner needs, especially in the early stages of operation.
Remember, aside from tax reasons, the most common motivation for incurring the cost of setting up a corporation is the recognition that the shareholder is not legally liable for the actions of the corporation. This is because the corporation has its own separate existence wholly apart from those who run it. However, let's examine three other reasons why the corporation proves to be an attractive vehicle for carrying on a business.

  Advantages of Incorporating :

Owners are protected from personal liability from company debts and obligations.
Corporations have a reliable body of legal precedent to guide owners and managers.
Corporations are the best vehicle for eventual public companies.
Corporations can more easily raise capital through the sale of securities.
Corporations can easily transfer ownership through the transfer of securities.
Corporations can have an unlimited life.
Corporations can create tax benefits under certain circumstances, but note that C corporations may be subject to "double taxation" on profits. To avoid this, many business owners elect to operate their corporations under subchapter S of the Internal Code. Also known as an S corporation, this entity allows income to pass through to the individual shareholders.

  Various Registration & Our Price :

Private Limited Company ( Private Limited Company ( PLC ) Registration )

Rs. 8999

One Person Company ( One Person Company (OPC) Registration )

Rs. 8499

Partnership Firm ( Partnership Firm Registration )

Rs. 6799

Limited Liability Partnership ( Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration )

Rs. 9999

NIDHI (Finance) Company ( NIDHI Company Registration )

Rs. 24999

Section 8 Company ( Section 8 Company Registration )

Rs. 23499

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