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Every business operates in a regulated environment wherein they are bound to comply with the provisions of law as may apply to them. These regulations are either location-based, activity based and based on the type of entity. First and the foremost thing is to identify, the kind of certification your business needs. In general, the location-based registrations are mandatory in nature whereas the license is to be obtained before commencement of the relevant activity. There are plenty of regulation applicable to a specific industry; a one to one consultation with our specialist shall be a help. To book an appointment, fill the contact us form with a brief note of the nature of your business. The major category of registration and licenses are as under.

  Types of Registration and Our Prices :

PAN CARD ( Permanent Account Number Registration )

Rs. 249

TAN NUMBER ( Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number )

Rs. 499

SHOP LICENSE ( Shop and Establishment Act Registration )

Rs. 4999 onwards

P - TAX ( Professional Tax Registration )

Rs. 1499 onwards

MSME REGISTRATION ( MSME Registration or Udyog Aadhar )

Rs. 799

IEC Code ( Import Export Code License )

Rs. 3999

DRUG LICENSE ( Drug License for Pharmacy Business )

Rs. 4999

FSSAI Registration ( FSSAI Registration (Food License) in India )

Rs. 5999 onwards

PF Registration ( Provident Fund Registration )

Rs. 6999

ESIC Registration ( Employee State Insurance (ESI) Registration )

Rs. 5999

TRADEMARK (INDIVIDUAL) ( Trademark Registration for Individual )

Rs. 8999

TRADEMARK (COMPANY) ( Trademark Registration for Company )

Rs. 14999

  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

  What is PAN ?
Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated tamper proof card, by the Income Tax Department of India. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is unique to an individual or entity and it is valid across India. Permanent Account Number once allotted to an individual or entity is unaffected by a change of name, address within or across states in India or other factors.

  How much time does it take in issue of a new PAN ?
PAN card gets delivered usually within 7-15 business days. The decision however solely depends upon the Issuing Authority of Government of India. ClearTax shall provide you with the tracking details once application is submitted. Delivery of the PAN card will made to your address directly by tax authority.

  What is professional tax and when is it levied ?
Professional tax is a state level tax which is imposed on income earned by way of profession, trade, calling or employment. The tax is based on slabs depending upon income of individual who may be self employed or working as employee of an entity. At present the maximum tax that can be imposed is restricted to is Rs. 2500/-.

  What is IEC ?
Import Export Code Number is unique 10 digit code number issued by Government of India. If a person is interested in making imports & exports, then it is mandatory for him to apply for Import Export Code Number (IEC).

  What is the need/use of IEC ?
IEC forms the primary document for recognition by Government of India as an Exporter/Importer. On the basis of IEC, companies can obtain various benefits on their exports/imports from DGFT, Customs, Export Promotion Council etc.

  What is Food license or FSSAI Registration ?
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in order to monitor the quality of food products being produced or processed by various food operators has mandated food operators to obtain Food license. All the businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for different type of food license based on following parameters

• Turnover
• Scale of business
• Type of activity.

  What is MSME Registration ?
To promote the growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, the government of India gives various concessions and extends financial assistance exclusively to the units or enterprises which qualifies to be a micro, small or medium enterprises. The Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006 makes it mandatory for MSME to register themselves with government and to obtain Udyog Aadhar for availing benefits provided under MSMED Act.

  What is a trademark ?
A trademark is for your brand name or logo which identifies your product or services. It can be a word, letter, number, phrase, symbol, shape or combination thereof. A unique brand name or logo is used to differentiate your product/service as distinct from others in the industry. To secure legal protection for your brand name or logo you need to get it registered. On receiving ™ Application number you can start using ™

  Can I register a trademark before starting a business ?
Yes, one can register a trademark before even starting a business.

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